Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eggs, rabbits and the leaning tower ...

What a big week it's been ... Easter then the Royal Wedding. I love a good wedding and this one did not disappoint.

Finally, I have had a chance to sift through my Easter photos, so here is a selection from our celebrations this year.

I wanted to do something especially for the kids. As we were having a big Greek Easter celebration with a spit, baklava and lots of Ouzo, I wanted to make sure there was something appropriate for the youngest guests at the party.

And what better than a miniature kid-sized dessert table – only 77cm in length!

There was nothing better than seeing the looks on their faces.

The dessert table featured:

- A Happy Easter bunting hung with yellow and white striped twine strung between paper chain garland.
- The centrepiece was an Easter egg tower adorned with striped grosgrain ribbon to match the colour scheme. The tower was inspired by Sharnel Dollar of Sharnel Dollar Designs who crafted a similar tower for a feature Peakaboo magazine. Remind me to tell you more about the Easter egg tower later ...
Chicken and egg sugar cookies.

- Easter bunny banana cupcakes with lemon icing and shredded coconut
– complete with fluffy tails.

- Banana flavoured milk in mini milk bottles with striped vintage straws!

- Chocolate bars.

- Easter eggs in tin pails

- Mini muslin bags filled with more chocolate to take home.

- And when all the hunting got too much there were Easter themed colouring-in activity sheets and rabbit pencils, tied with swing tags and twine, for the young guests.

In the lead-up to Easter my girls helped me with some of the crafty elements of the dessert table – sticking the cotton ball tails on the rabbit cupcake wrappers, making the paper chain garland and helping affix the Easter eggs to the tower (which looked a little worse for wear after being transported 150km in the car!).

The printables were designed by the ever-so-talented Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous. The Muslin bags were sourced from Sharnel Dollar at Sharnel Dollar Designs and the cute, pink, rectangular plates and yellow twine were from Mon Tresor.

And now this brings me back to the Easter egg tower ... next time I am ever adventurous enough to attempt something like this I will think twice. It looked easy enough ... I was even critical of other less than perfect attempts at such a tower ... haha! I am the fool! I crafted my Easter egg tower two weeks' before the big day, just to be organised, only to have more than half the eggs fall off by the next morning. It became the joke in our house as daily more and more eggs would fall off only to bounce on the ground. By the time Easter rolled around, I had built said tower, three times! So how on earth could such a tower survive a 150km drive?! Wrapped tightly in foil and cling wrap ... the tower made it to said Easter venue ... albeit a little worse for wear and some of the eggs were off-kilter! In future, if I become besotted with such a hair-brained idea, I will fashion the tower on-site on the day ... lesson learnt!

Nonetheless, the kids didn't notice the less than perfect egg tower and were happy to enjoy the Easter celebrations.

Stay tuned for an extra special series of posts to celebrate Eye Candy Events' first birthday ... I have something extra special to share with you all.

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